Parking Garage With all the snow that parts of North America has accumulated recently, it’s important to remember the need to shore up roofs of parking garages and other structures to support extra weight. Excess weight, such as snow or even heavy vehicles, placed on a parking garage can lead to damage or even a collapse.

Parking garage owners should be wary of adding any major weight to the structures, unless the parking garage is heavily enforced and designed for excessive loading, which is uncommon. The minute any extra weight of load is added to the structure, in addition to what the slab was originally designed for, the structure is in danger. The roof below should be strengthened by using post shores and shoring frames whenever any extra weight is added.

Also be careful when resurfacing the parking garage, as the extra asphalt can add to the overall weight of the floors and potentially cause issues. When ordering repairs, it’s important to consult a qualified, experienced engineering firm and go back and check the original structural drawings.

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