Our Approach to Environment, Social, Governance (ESG)

Driven by our core purpose of turning possibilities into reality, McIntosh Perry is committed to contributing to a more sustainable future, improving our social impact through responsible citizenship, and ensuring ethical and transparent business practices act as the foundation of how we operate.  We will strive to implement, progress, and monitor practices and initiatives that support our clients, employees, and communities, while selecting to work with key partners that furthers our ESG goals.

Our Commitment to the Environment

We recognize that climate change is a serious global challenge and that protecting our environment is necessary for future generations to thrive. ​

We believe that taking actions, both big and small, is an important way in which we can contribute to the health of our planet.​

​We are committed to planning and executing our projects and operating and maintaining our offices with the following environmental goals in mind:​​

  • Decreasing our carbon footprint​
  • Minimizing the consumption of natural resources.​
  • Reducing waste sent to landfills and minimizing the use of hazardous materials with assessment.​

McIntosh Perry will continue to comply with all environmental regulations as we strive to minimize our environmental impacts through consistently evaluating and improving our operating practices.

Our Commitment to Employees and the Communities in Which We Work

​Our employees are at the center of everything we do.  We believe an engaged and inclusive workplace is the key to our employees thriving at McIntosh Perry.     ​

  • McIntosh Perry’s culture is defined by an environment where everyone feels accepted, respected and safe to be themselves, where diverse ideas, beliefs and ways of thinking are always valued, encouraged, and celebrated.​
  • We provide an enriching experience that offers continuous opportunities to learn and grow professionally while making a positive impact in the communities in which we live, play and work.​
  • We believe in the mutual accountability of creating a safe and healthy workplace where employee wellness is a priority. Our health, safety and environment management system provide processes for employees to address hazards and a culture where employees are encouraged to report incidents and near miss situations.​
  • Giving back to the communities in which we work and live is fundamental to creating a purpose-driven culture providing rich experiences for our employees as well as reinforcing our responsibility as a corporate citizen.

Our Commitment to Corporate Governance​

McIntosh Perry conducts its business affairs with integrity and in a manner that respects our clients, our people, and the environment.      ​

We work in compliance with all laws and regulations where we operate, and we hold ourselves accountable for acting ethically in accordance with our Code of Conduct. ​

McIntosh Perry is governed by a Board of Directors composed of elected and appointed shareholders and independent members charged to act in the best interest of the shareholders and achieve Mcintosh Perry’s business strategy. 

We strive to protect the privacy of both our employees and our clients, as well as provide a secure digital environment enabling our business operations to meet our clients’ expectations while limiting our exposure to external threats.

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