Pre-Performance Audits: A Powerful Force for New Condominiums 
March 3, 2023
A Performance Audit is a mandatory review of the common elements of newly constructed Condominiums and, as of 2018, Condominium conversions.  The Performance Audit is conducted after turnover and consists of a detailed report outlining the inspection, findings, and a provides a list of construction deficiencies. The Performance Audit identifies warrantable claims against the Builder […]
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Connecting Communities with BLN: Northern Indiana Commuter Transit District (NICDT), The First Double Track Project
January 25, 2023
McIntosh Perry is proud to announce that our Partner Firm in the U.S., Beam, Longest & Neff (BLN) was retained by Northern Indiana Commuter Transit District (NICDT) in Northwest Indiana to offer real estate and demolition services in compliance with the Uniform Act for the ‘Double Track’ and ‘West Lake Corridor’ passenger rail projects. Both […]
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McIntosh Perry (MP) and Beam, Longest and Neff (BLN) worked together on Building Condition Assessments (BCA) for the Indiana Department of Administration (IDOA)
November 29, 2022
McIntosh Perry (MP) and Beam, Longest and Neff (BLN), known as North America’s leading team of Engineers, Project Managers, Technical Experts, and Problem Solvers have once again, through a Joint Project – Turned Possibilities into Reality. Project Spotlight Our Partner Firm in the U.S., BLN was retained by the Indiana Department of Administration to undertake […]
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Questions & Answers – B19 Final Report
October 4, 2022
Q: What does the B19 Final Report package include?  A: The B19 Final Report includes:   Q: What is the Module 4D – Field Review Declaration?  A: It is a form provided by Tarion that the FRC (B19 consultant) completes after carrying out the final walkthrough inspection in which the cost of rectification for pending deficiencies […]
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Manage Safety, Reduce Health Risks & Identify Asbestos Early
October 4, 2022
What is Asbestos? Asbestos is a group of six naturally occurring fibrous minerals made up of thin, microscopic fibers. Asbestos offers heat and chemical resistance, fireproofing, and strength. As a result, breathing in asbestos fibers can cause asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma. Are Construction Workers Exposed to Asbestos? The construction industry widely used asbestos starting […]
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The Buildings Show 2021 Blog Banner
The Buildings Show 2021: Building Condition Assessment & Safe Air Quality Solutions
November 11, 2021
The Building Show is North America’s largest event for products, services, educational programming and professional networking. Bringing together Construct Canada, HomeBuilder & Renovator Expo, PM Expo, and World of Concrete Toronto Pavilion under one roof for the built community. We’re excited that members of our building science services team will be presenting two full sessions […]
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Tarion Module 2A Blog Banner
Questions & Answers – Module 2A (Scope of Work)
November 5, 2021
Written by, Rand Mahmoud, BSc. (Hons), Project Coordinator, Building Quality Assurance, at McIntosh Perry. A new condominium is one of the most complex construction projects with lots of moving parts. If you’re building a condominium in Ontario, you have to manage the Tarion process, which some find confusing. As one of the preeminent providers of […]
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60 Year Reserve Fund Studies
May 27, 2021
Condominiums, strata corporations, and coproprietors across Canada use reserve fund studies to guide their plans for future funding. In Ontario, the Condominium Act states the reserve fund needs to be adequate and updated every three years. The minimum prescribed duration is 30-years; however, at McIntosh Perry we’ve realized that a 30-year time frame misses several long-lived expensive items. […]
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Toronto Cranes 2021 Blog Banner
Cranes Boom In Toronto Amidst The Pandemic
May 3, 2021
Toronto streets may not be filled with people but if you look up, you may notice a surprising number of cranes. According to RLB’s Q1 2021 Crane Index, Toronto has 208 cranes for both residential and mixed-used projects which is up from 84 cranes from their previous count. 20,000 condominiums started in 2020 and account for […]
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Community & Stakeholder Engagement
October 14, 2020
At McIntosh Perry, we know that community engagement is a key factor in building great communities, and that the success of any project depends on keeping the public and stakeholders informed. Starting by developing a thorough understanding of the project, we craft clear communication and create opportunities for all involved parties to share informed feedback […]
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Blacony Repairs Blog Banner
Balcony Repairs
September 23, 2020
Most residential buildings have balconies.  These areas are an urban oasis for people to enjoy the vistas of high-rise living, get a breath of fresh air, or simply carry on a casual conversation with their neighbours.  They are an important part of the day-to-day fabric of building vibrant, caring, and cohesive communities in dense urban […]
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LLA is Now McIntosh Perry
Luiz Leon & Associates Ltd. is Now McIntosh Perry
June 29, 2020
We’re excited to announce that Luiz Leon & Associates Ltd. has re-branded to McIntosh Perry. Based in Surrey B.C., Luiz Leon & Associates Ltd., has been offering dynamic and progressive structural engineering services to architects, developers, general contractors and government clients since 1995. Luiz Leon & Associates joined the McIntosh Perry family of companies in […]
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Cranes in Toronto
Toronto Condos Drive Crane Boom
April 15, 2020
Offering a glimmer of hope in a volatile market, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) tops the North American Crane Index with 27 per cent of the cranes on the continent, handily beating other major urban areas such as Los Angeles and New York. The report, created by RLB, tracks the number of cranes in Q1 […]
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Gay Lea Freezer Facility Blog Banner
McIntosh Perry Wins Ontario Concrete Award for Structural Design Innovation
January 9, 2020
The Ontario Concrete Industry awarded The Gay Lea Distribution Facility – Freezer Building a 2019 Ontario Concrete Award in the Structural Design Innovation category. McIntosh Perry is the Engineer of Record for the project and is honoured to have been part of the dynamic and forward-thinking team that included Orlando Corporation (Owner-Architect), United Floor Inc. […]
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Materials Methods and Design of FRC-UHPC_Blog Banner
Materials, Methods and Design of FRC/UHPC Courses
November 7, 2019
Learn about Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) and Fibre Reinforced Concrete (FRC) and how it relates to creating quality, sustainable, durable infrastructure and buildings resulting in very long service life with significantly less mass. UHPC with FRC was created to allow designers, stakeholders and those in the construction industry to provide extended lifespan infrastructure and building […]
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Cranes in Toronto
Increase in Cranes in Toronto’s Downtown
August 8, 2019
Construction is ramping up in downtown Toronto. The city has the most cranes not just in Canada, but in North America, according to a recent article from blogTO.  As of RLB’s July 2019 Crane Index, Toronto has 120 cranes for both residential and mixed-used projects which is up from 104 in January.   “The spring season has seen an increase in cranes in Toronto’s downtown; however, most […]
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Green Bins Mandatory in Ottawa Apartment Buildings?
Green Bins Mandatory in Ottawa Apartment Buildings?
July 4, 2019
Driven by pressure from the provincial government’s Food and Organic Waste Framework last year, the City of Ottawa is debating making green bin programs mandatory at multi-residential dwellings, according to a recent article from the CBC.  The City launched a voluntary green bin program nine years ago, but only 29 per cent, or 500 of […]
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McIntosh Perry Is an OECM Supplier Partner
May 7, 2019
McIntosh Perry  is an OECM Supplier Partner providing Hazardous Materials / Environmental Health & Safety under OECM’s Master Agreement and through OECM’s Marketplace of products and services. McIntosh Perry was selected through a competitive sourcing process that complies with the BPS Procurement Directive.  OECM is a trusted not-for-profit sourcing partner for Ontario’s education sector, broader public sector, and […]
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