Connecting Communities with BLN: Northern Indiana Commuter Transit District (NICDT), The First Double Track Project
January 25, 2023
McIntosh Perry is proud to announce that our Partner Firm in the U.S., Beam, Longest & Neff (BLN) was retained by Northern Indiana Commuter Transit District (NICDT) in Northwest Indiana to offer real estate and demolition services in compliance with the Uniform Act for the ‘Double Track’ and ‘West Lake Corridor’ passenger rail projects. Both […]
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Manage Safety, Reduce Health Risks & Identify Asbestos Early
October 4, 2022
What is Asbestos? Asbestos is a group of six naturally occurring fibrous minerals made up of thin, microscopic fibers. Asbestos offers heat and chemical resistance, fireproofing, and strength. As a result, breathing in asbestos fibers can cause asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma. Are Construction Workers Exposed to Asbestos? The construction industry widely used asbestos starting […]
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The Buildings Show 2021 Blog Banner
The Buildings Show 2021: Building Condition Assessment & Safe Air Quality Solutions
November 11, 2021
The Building Show is North America’s largest event for products, services, educational programming and professional networking. Bringing together Construct Canada, HomeBuilder & Renovator Expo, PM Expo, and World of Concrete Toronto Pavilion under one roof for the built community. We’re excited that members of our building science services team will be presenting two full sessions […]
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McIntosh Perry Is an OECM Supplier Partner
May 7, 2019
McIntosh Perry  is an OECM Supplier Partner providing Hazardous Materials / Environmental Health & Safety under OECM’s Master Agreement and through OECM’s Marketplace of products and services. McIntosh Perry was selected through a competitive sourcing process that complies with the BPS Procurement Directive.  OECM is a trusted not-for-profit sourcing partner for Ontario’s education sector, broader public sector, and […]
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Condominiums and Mold
Condominiums and Mold
September 19, 2013
In recent years, the issue of mold in buildings has increasingly attracted public attention. Even though mold has inhabited the planet for millions of years, it has only recently become a serious concern to many people, legitimate in some cases, exaggerated in others. Mold is a type of fungus, commonly referred to as mildew whose […]
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