McIntosh Perry is committed to providing sustainable energy solutions for our valued public and private sector clients.

Our multi-disciplinary team of energy engineers, specialists and project management professionals utilizes their extensive knowledge to harness the value of energy resources and achieve sustainability goals.

We know that sustainable energy development is the key to project success. With vast experience in the energy services space and a rich engineering design background, we help clients execute essential emissions reduction strategies and optimize energy efficiency.

Excellence in Energy Engineering

Our reputation for professionalism and high-quality results sets us apart in the oil and gas industry.

At McIntosh Perry, our energy engineering consultants specialize in fit-for-purpose services and deliver cost-efficient solutions that exceed clients’ expectations. From project inception to completion, we ensure all stakeholders, including engineering design, construction management and operations, are actively involved and well-informed throughout the entire process. We leverage our expertise, creative problem-solving and the latest technologies to ensure every energy-related initiative is successful.

Energy Projects

From power generation to energy storage and waste heat recovery, our energy engineering consultants handle a wide variety of large and small projects.
With a proven track record spanning over 50 years in the field, we’ve seen and done it all, making us the preferred choice for clients seeking reliable and efficient energy consulting. 

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