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Cranes Boom In Toronto Amidst The Pandemic
May 3, 2021
Toronto streets may not be filled with people but if you look up, you may notice a surprising number of cranes. According to RLB’s Q1 2021 Crane Index, Toronto has 208 cranes for both residential and mixed-used projects which is up from 84 cranes from their previous count. 20,000 condominiums started in 2020 and account for […]
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Cranes in Toronto
Toronto Condos Drive Crane Boom
April 15, 2020
Offering a glimmer of hope in a volatile market, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) tops the North American Crane Index with 27 per cent of the cranes on the continent, handily beating other major urban areas such as Los Angeles and New York. The report, created by RLB, tracks the number of cranes in Q1 […]
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Cranes in Toronto
Increase in Cranes in Toronto’s Downtown
August 8, 2019
Construction is ramping up in downtown Toronto. The city has the most cranes not just in Canada, but in North America, according to a recent article from blogTO.  As of RLB’s July 2019 Crane Index, Toronto has 120 cranes for both residential and mixed-used projects which is up from 104 in January.   “The spring season has seen an increase in cranes in Toronto’s downtown; however, most […]
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Underground Parking Lot.
Shoring Parking Garages
January 10, 2014
With all the snow that parts of North America has accumulated recently, it’s important to remember the need to shore up roofs of parking garages and other structures to support extra weight. Excess weight, such as snow or even heavy vehicles, placed on a parking garage can lead to damage or even a collapse. Parking […]
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