An Overview: What is fluvial geomorphology and Natural Channel Design
July 24, 2023
Fluvial Geomorphology is the study of rivers and the processes which shape them and the surrounding land. It studies how these dynamic watercourses evolve, migrate, and interact with the environment and create landforms around them. Rivers are very dynamic and change, evolve, and morph over time. Fluvial geomorphology seeks an explanation for the mechanisms and […]
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4 Things All Need to Know : Harnessing the Advantages of Reusing Excess Soil
June 15, 2023
In landscaping and construction projects, excess soil often accumulates as a by-product. Rather than considering it waste, reusing excess soil offers numerous benefits. By implementing proper soil management techniques, we can minimize environmental impact, reduce costs, and promote sustainable practices. Let’s explore some advantages of reusing excess soil and how it contributes to a greener […]
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Connecting Communities with BLN: Northern Indiana Commuter Transit District (NICDT), The First Double Track Project
January 25, 2023
McIntosh Perry is proud to announce that our Partner Firm in the U.S., Beam, Longest & Neff (BLN) was retained by Northern Indiana Commuter Transit District (NICDT) in Northwest Indiana to offer real estate and demolition services in compliance with the Uniform Act for the ‘Double Track’ and ‘West Lake Corridor’ passenger rail projects. Both […]
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TCA Soil Management Seminar Blog Banner
TCA Soil Management: An Industry Perspective on Early Engagement
June 15, 2021
The Toronto Construction Association (TCA), in collaboration with its Young Construction Leaders (YCL) and Environmental Committee, are hosting a free to attend seminar on the implementation of the Ontario excess soils regulation that came into effect on January 1, 2021. At this seminar, McIntosh Perry will be participating in a panel that will be sharing […]
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Community & Stakeholder Engagement
October 14, 2020
At McIntosh Perry, we know that community engagement is a key factor in building great communities, and that the success of any project depends on keeping the public and stakeholders informed. Starting by developing a thorough understanding of the project, we craft clear communication and create opportunities for all involved parties to share informed feedback […]
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Ontario’s New On-Site and Excess Soil Regulation
January 20, 2020
On December 4th, 2019 the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) announced that they finalized and are implementing the new regulatory changes related to the management of excess construction soil and redevelopment of brownfield sites. The goal of the new regulation is to reduce soil management costs and promote brownfields redevelopment, while protecting human […]
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Environmental Compliance Audits
May 15, 2013
Environmental Compliance Audits are a valuable tool which provides a measure of an organization’s level of compliance with environmental statutes, regulations, standards and local laws.  Environmental Compliance Audits allow an organization to demonstrate due diligence and environmental responsibility.  They allow the organization to predict and respond to environmental challenges. In conducting Environmental Compliance Audits, McIntosh […]
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