McIntosh Perry recognizes the importance of developing and maintaining meaningful and strong relationships with Indigenous communities. At McIntosh Perry, we believe Indigenous communities are important stakeholders and look to involve Indigenous communities in mutually beneficial business relationships. One of our primary goals is to maximize the amount of local and indigenous community participation in all the projects managed by us on behalf of our clients.

Indigenous Policy Guidelines

In a testament to our commitment to Indigenous Peoples in Canada, McIntosh Perry has adopted the following guidelines:

  • McIntosh Perry recognizes Indigenous rights, including the Aboriginal and Treaty rights of First Nations, Métis and Inuit people, embedded in Canada’s Constitution and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).
  • McIntosh Perry supports Indigenous communities in their path to sovereignty and economic inclusion, and shall positively contribute to reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples and communities.
  • McIntosh Perry respects and values traditional practices, decision-making processes, cultural activities and language of the Indigenous Peoples and communities.
  • McIntosh Perry wants to establish and maintain respectful and mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous Peoples and communities.

McIntosh Perry Indigenous Engagement

Through its business activities, McIntosh Perry participates and contributes to local Indigenous communities where we work. The four strategic pillars of our focus are:

  • Education – Providing training and education opportunities – Outreach programs at Schools to promote Post-Secondary education.
  • Employment – Focusing on providing opportunities for employment for Indigenous Peoples – Summer Jobs and Co-Op programs.
  • Volunteering and Engagement – Enhancing McIntosh Perry’s engagement strategies and community
  • Business Partnerships – Identify projects where in McIntosh Perry can collaborate with Indigenous communities.

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