Building Science Services

Over many decades, we have earned a reputation as a leading provider of building science consulting services. Having worked on thousands of new and existing buildings across Canada, we’ve encountered and solved virtually possible building-related issue.

A McIntosh Perry building science specialist maintains a close partnership with our clients throughout the entire building life cycle, from initial inspection and testing to design and review during construction, as well as decommissioning and pre-demolition. 

Every McIntosh Perry building sciences consultant is well-equipped to overcome complex challenges and optimize building operations. Our experienced team of engineers, building science experts and technicians remain at the forefront of industry research, enabling us to proactively identify opportunities and achieve exceptional results.

Restoration and Structural Engineering

Drawing upon our vast experience, our Building Restoration and Structural Engineering team, composed of a diverse mix of structural engineers, building envelope specialists and project managers, has the expertise to help clients assess, design and repair buildings to maximize performance and increase return on investment. 

With a proven track record of helping architects, owners, operators, and managers find practical, cost-effective solutions to a wide range of building-related issues, we’ve cemented our position as a trusted industry leader in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa and throughout Canada.

Our expertise spans the residential, commercial, industrial and institutional sectors. We undertake the design of new buildings, assess existing ones, oversee repairs of building components and provide a variety of construction project management services. 

With a keen focus on building envelopes, energy efficiency and asset management, our team is uniquely qualified to successfully execute any project, regardless of size or complexity.

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