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Materials, Methods and Design of FRC/UHPC Courses
November 7, 2019
Learn about Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) and Fibre Reinforced Concrete (FRC) and how it relates to creating quality, sustainable, durable infrastructure and buildings resulting in very long service life with significantly less mass. UHPC with FRC was created to allow designers, stakeholders and those in the construction industry to provide extended lifespan infrastructure and building […]
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cracked concrete wall
Why Concrete Cracks
May 13, 2016
While concrete has an impressive track record for durability, as demonstrated by such buildings as the Pantheon, it nonetheless has properties that make the development of cracks inevitable. Drying Shrinkage Concrete is a mixture of aggregate and cement paste; as the cement paste sets and hardens, it shrinks by as much as 25mm in 30cm. […]
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The Importance of Good Caulking
April 28, 2014
Caulking materials are an important component of exterior walls. They seal expansion and contraction joints, joints between dissimilar materials such as glass, steel, masonry and concrete and joints in window frames, metal curtainwall and balcony enclosures. Their main function is to prevent rain and dirt from entering the joints and, depending on the purpose of […]
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Concrete Testing
Concrete Testing
October 17, 2013
Winter is approaching and concrete repair work often takes place during cold weather which requires additional precautions. It is necessary to ensure that the concrete is not damaged by frost while it is setting and that it achieves the minimum compressive strength by the structural engineer. It is vital to monitor the early strength gain of […]
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