Structural Culvert Replacement : A Case Study on Detailed Design
June 20, 2023
From roads and bridges to waterflow and drainage systems, or even animal crossings, structural culverts play a crucial role in maintaining connectivity, ensuring public safety and facilitating the flow of water beneath roadways, railways and other structures. Essentially, the structures have only two features : hold up the weight of the traffic and allow enough […]
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Connecting Communities: Highway 21 Bayfield River Bridge
November 1, 2022
Bridges connect communities to other communities, and for some areas, a bridge might be the only connection to the outside world. Located in Bayfield, Ontario, in Huron County, the old Bayfield River Bridge was constructed in 1949 and was a 60.9 m long two-span modified warren deck-truss. As with most bridges built last century, it […]
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Community & Stakeholder Engagement
October 14, 2020
At McIntosh Perry, we know that community engagement is a key factor in building great communities, and that the success of any project depends on keeping the public and stakeholders informed. Starting by developing a thorough understanding of the project, we craft clear communication and create opportunities for all involved parties to share informed feedback […]
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McIntosh Perry Wins CEO Award of Merit – Reed Narrows Bridge
May 4, 2020
McIntosh Perry is proud to announce that it has won a Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO) Award of Merit Transportation Structural for the Reed Narrows Bridge Microbial Induced Corrosion project. The bridge, located on Highway 71 in Northwestern Ontario, had severe section loss and pitting of the steel piles from Microbial Influenced Corrosion (MIC). All […]
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