At McIntosh Perry we believe in being purposeful in how we approach everything we do. Earlier this year we went on a journey to reflect on why we do the work we do and identify our core purpose. We wanted to define what is it that drives our people to strive, to achieve, and to deliver the very best.

We asked our people, our clients, our partners, and our community what they saw in us and what they thought makes us who we are. The feedback we received was varied, but it all revolved around our passion for solving problems and helping others, whether that means designing a bridge that eases traffic congestion, assessing an apartment tower for repairs that improves the quality of life for tenants, developing air emissions compliance strategies that manages carbon and benefits the environment, or challenging our staff to be the best in the industry. 

Turning Possibilities Into Reality is the result of that exploration and those conversations. Our Core Purpose represents our commitment to solving problems, getting things done and moving forward through collaboration with clients and teams. 

Turning Possibilities Into Reality synchs with our Vision, which is a customer-centric company that is creating a market-leading engineering firm by focusing on its people. Our Core Purpose also supports our Core Values, the foundation of our business and a keystone of our success. By aligning our Core Purpose to Values and Vision, we unlock “the possible”.  

Turning Possibilities Into Reality is central to our company culture and is the engine that drives our people to support our clients, partners, and our communities by delivering successful, high-quality projects, regardless of the project size. When we consider people to join our ever-growing team, we look for a similar attitude. For everyone at McIntosh Perry, Turning Possibilities Into Reality inspires us every day to rise to any challenge and create a better future.  

As we continue to grow to meet the demands of our clients and communities, we are guided by our Core Purpose and ask that you hold us accountable by asking us how we can Turn Possibilities Into Reality. 

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