Hydrocarbon Condensate Stabilization

June 3rd @ 12:00pm MDT/ 2:00pm EDT, Microsoft Teams

Join our webinar as we provide an overview of hydrocarbon condensate stabilization, the basics of system design, and mitigation of some less visible issues.

We are often involved in designing, de-bottlenecking and troubleshooting condensate stabilizer systems. Although the systems are not complicated and we have plenty of experience with them, there are still some common design/operating issues that are poorly understood and seldom discussed. Such as “apparent” variances between design and operating temperatures needed to meet specification, as well as the costly problem of salt deposition, which has become a new design and troubleshooting issue in certain fields.


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Wayne Monnery

Wayne Monnery, BSc, MSc, PhD, Senior Process Specialist, Energy
Dr. Wayne Monnery is Senior Process Specialist for the Energy group at McIntosh Perry. Wayne is an integral part of the Process Engineering team, providing efficient solutions for a vast array of applications and unique design challenges, as well as mentoring, teaching and the development of customized engineering tools and processes.

Wayne has over 30 years of experience working in Process Engineering with a focus on gas processing. He holds BSc, MSc and PhD degrees in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering from the University of Calgary and has been involved numerous projects in Western Canada and around the world.  Wayne specializes in applied thermodynamics and modelling, his work is published in academic and industry journals, and he has spent many hours researching and teaching at the University of Calgary, as well as with industry partners, which he continues today.




Mark Ryan, P.Eng., Vice President, Engineering, Energy




Dean Michaud Dean Michaud, P.Eng., Vice President, Projects & Business Development, Energy



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