Toronto’s condo market is still in high demand, even despite the new Ontario foreign-buyer tax. Here are some charts that explain why and how the market is not dying any time soon.

First, construction hit an all-time high in Ontario in the second quarter of 2017. Contractors are building enough to meet the demand in the city.

Line graph showing dwellings under construction in all areas

Image via BuzzBuzzNews Canada

Due to a high demand and lack of supply for condos in the city, the % growth in rent in Toronto is among the fastest growing in the world.

Bar graph showing Toronto's high residential rental growth vs 17 other world cities

Image via BuzzBuzzNews Canada

Here is a map of Toronto condo prices based on the TTC subway stations. Most areas are high in price, unless you reach the east end of the city.

Map of Toronto subway system showing the avg. price of a one-bedroom condo at each stop

Image via BuzzBuzzNews Canada

This graph shows how the home price index has grown over the years.

Line graph showing the % change in the prices of Toronto condos year over year since 2000

Image via BuzzBuzzNews Canada

In this graph, we see the difference between the asking prices of high rise and low rise homes. Due to the high supply and low demand of housing, the prices have gone up for low rise housing, which explains the gap between high rise and low rise asking prices.

Line graph showing the monthly home price index from Jan 2004 till Jan 2017

Image via BuzzBuzzNews Canada

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