Plenty of developers are trying to get an approval from the city to build the first supertall building in Toronto. Currently, buildings over 90 storeys are considered supertall. The city currently has three, and some proposed buildings would be classified as supertall – the YSL building (98 storeys), 1 Yonge Street (95 storeys) and The One (82 storeys).

However, this reach for the sky mentality is a cause of concern for some.  Toronto City councilor Kristyn Wong-Tam fears the new YSL building proposed in her ward will cast a shadow over everything else in the area. One of her biggest demands is that with every new building, there is a significant increase of green space. However, Gregg Lintern, director of community planning for Toronto and East York, thinks that with all these new buildings and density, new space for parks is unrealistic. He thinks that, instead, it could be a way to create more space for institutional neighbors. This way, the entire community will be benefiting from these high rise buildings in the downtown core.

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