Water and wastewater management are critical components of maintaining a sustainable and healthy environment.

Water, a vital resource, is necessary for various activities such as drinking, ecological balance, agriculture, and industry. On the other hand, wastewater refers to the used and discarded water that contains contaminants and pollutants.

Our water and wastewater engineering consultants use advanced technology, adopt sustainable environmental engineering practices and promote water conservation to ensure a clean water supply and protect the environment for a more sustainable future.

Potable Water Infrastructure
Population growth and the continuous expansion of communities place pressure on aging potable water infrastructure and create the need for upgrades and development of the potable water network. Our team has extensive experience designing water distribution system renewal projects in both urban and semi-rural environments. This includes watermain renewal as a part of integrated projects, trenchless techniques, temporary water servicing, as well as pumping and trunk facilities.
Sanitary Sewer Infrastructure
Wastewater collection networks in our communities play a vital role in our daily lives by protecting access to clean water and contributing to sustainable urban centres. Our team excels in the design of wastewater systems, with specialized expertise in both urban and semi-rural environments. This includes the renewal of sanitary sewer infrastructure, the replacement and separation of combined sewer systems, trenchless techniques, as well as pumping, treatment and trunk facilities.
Storm Sewer Infrastructure
We design sewer systems that safely and effectively remove stormwater. Using a combination of techniques—including in-depth site analysis, flow calculations, stress tests and advanced modelling software—we develop innovative solutions that maximize drainage efficiency while minimizing hazardous conditions and adverse environmental impacts. We also address the challenges and risks stemming from aging infrastructure and climate change.
Asset Management & Condition Assessment
Municipalities of all tiers are responsible for the maintenance of extensive water and sewer asset networks. We provide a full range of services to assist with the recording, hydraulic modelling, assessment and planning of preservation and improvement works to maintain a good state of repair. We collaborate with utility authorities to ensure effective network management and water-sensitive urban design.
Tunnelling and Trenchless Installations
At McIntosh Perry, we provide trenchless tunnelling, a highly efficient and less intrusive solution for water and wastewater engineering projects. Utilizing specialized equipment and techniques, we avoid the need for extensive excavation and open trenches, thus minimizing surface disturbance during the installation and repair of underground pipelines. These efforts significantly reduce environmental impact and inconveniences to local communities.
Water Resources
Our water resources professionals balance land use objectives with environmental protection, delivering innovative long-term water management solutions to public and private sector clients. With recognized expertise in hydrology and hydraulics and a deep understanding of the natural landscape, we offer a wide range of consultancy services, from watershed assessments to complex drainage design systems. Our commitment to sustainable solutions allows us to preserve and enhance the environment while meeting the needs of our clients.

Improve Your Infrastructure with Help from McIntosh Perry

When the goal is to make real improvements that will have a lasting long-term impact, you need a company with experience and a proven track record. As an industry-leading engineering firm, McIntosh Perry offers tailored services in water and wastewater treatment systems, addressing the unique challenges of each project to deliver efficient and sustainable solutions.

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