From watershed assessments to complex drainage design systems, McIntosh Perry’s water resources engineering consultant expertly balance land use objectives with environmental protection. Recognized for expertise in hydrology and hydraulics and a deep knowledge of the natural landscape, we deliver innovative long-term water management solutions to public and private clientele. 

Services we provide include:

Our staff is professionally licenced (P.Eng.) in the provinces of Ontario and Alberta, and many of our water resources engineers are Registry, Appraisal and Qualification System (RAQS)-qualified in Drainage and Hydrology Engineering for Ministry of Transportation – Ontario (MTO) projects.

With decades of environmental engineering experience, we adeptly navigate complex water-related regulations, allowing us to guide clients through legislation such as the Ontario Drainage Act, and we’ve formed close working relationships with key government agencies, like MTO, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors, and many others. 

Alongside local natural resource management associations, which include Conservation Authorities in the Conservation Ontario network, McIntosh Perry actively works to protect water, land resources and habitats while solving water-management problems for municipalities, landowners and private organizations. 

Our drainage and hydrological engineering team also regularly collaborates with other McIntosh Perry departments, including transportation engineering and planning, highway and road engineering, transportation structures, earth, environment and community, geotechnical pavement design, land development and land use planning. By working together, we leverage proficiencies that ensure our client’s success, especially when faced with tight budgets and time restraints. 

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Water Resources Services

The water resources engineers and drainage technicians at McIntosh Perry use state-of-the-art technology and tools to assist with data analysis and modelling. The team utilizes the following but not limited to: GeoHec-Ras, Hec-Ras, Bentley suite including StormCAD, Civil Storm, FlowMaster, CulvertMaster, HY-8, Visual Otthymo-Ver. 6, Arc-GIS and many more.

Stormwater Management

Stormwater management is a core component of development planning and site design. During the initial project stages, McIntosh Perry uses sustainable stormwater management practices, such as low-impact development (LID), to incorporate environmental features and respect the natural hydrologic cycle. 

Our stormwater management specialists have published numerous studies, including the article “Lessons Learned: Solar Projects Present Unique Stormwater Management Challenges,” featured in Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine.

  • Conceptual and Detailed Design for Stormwater Management
  • Site Development and Plans
  • Subdivision Stormwater Management
  • Stormwater Compliance and Permitting
    1. Conservation Authority Permits
    2. Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) Compliance
    3. Municipal Regulatory Permits
    4. Renewable Energy Infrastructure Permits
Stormwater Management
Wetland Design

Wetland Design

Designing, restoring, and constructing viable wetlands is a sensitive and complex process. McIntosh Perry creates well-designed, functional wetland landscapes using extensive technical expertise and deep knowledge of the ecological, biological and physical environment. Our solutions improve water quality, reduce flood risk, enhance wildlife habitat and enrich the quality of open spaces.

  • Wetland Hydrology and Hydraulics
  • Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Wetlands
  • Wetland Evaluation and Hazard Potential Classification
  • Climate Change Evaluations
  • Permitting 

Culvert and Bridge Design

Every watercourse crossing project presents unique logistic, economic, ecological and aesthetic challenges. McIntosh Perry develops culvert and bridge solutions that address all site-specific requirements. Working closely with our in-house transportation structures team, we design, construct and repair infrastructure that meets stringent floodplain and environmental regulations and provides optimal drainage while accommodating anticipated water flow. Our sustainable solutions are designed to maintain the natural channel bed and are built with the structural capacity to allow for debris and fish passage.

  • Hydraulic and Hydrologic Studies
  • Detailed Culvert and Bridge Modelling and Design
  • Culvert and Bridge Rehabilitation and Reconstruction
  • Stabilization and Repair
  • Culvert Lining
  • Trenchless Technologies
  • Climate Change Evaluations
  • Fish Passage Systems
Deloro Mine Clean Up Project Picture

Floodplain Modelling

McIntosh Perry protects communities by mitigating flood-related risks related to human activity, climate change and extreme weather events. Our water resource experts use state-of-the-art modelling techniques to analyze data and map floodways. Armed with this information, we implement comprehensive strategies, which range from the active restoration of floodplains to designing and improving drains, dams and spillways. Working closely with regulatory agencies, we guide public and private clients through land use regulations and the permitting process related to flood prevention and management.

  • Flood Control Design
  • Detailed Floodplain Modelling
  • Adjustments to Floodplain Limits
  • Alterations to Waterways
  • Flooding Investigations
  • Climate Change Evaluations

Storm Sewer Design 

McIntosh Perry designs sewer systems that safely and effectively remove stormwater. Using a combination of techniques—including in-depth site analysis, flow calculations, stress tests and advanced modelling software—we develop solutions that maximize drainage efficiency while minimizing hazardous conditions and adverse environmental impacts. We also address the challenges and risks stemming from aging infrastructure and climate change.

  • Sewer Sizing
  • Dynamic Sewer Network Modelling
  • Storm Sewer Condition Assessments 
  • Climate Change Evaluations

Municipal Drains

Water resource engineers at McIntosh Perry have extensive experience preparing municipal drain reports. In accordance with the Ontario Drainage Act, these reports must be submitted when landowners petition for a new municipal drain or any changes or repairs to an existing drain are deemed necessary. To complete a municipal drain report, our experienced staff conducts studies, negotiates with all stakeholders (including provincial agencies, local Conservation Authorities, landowners, etc.) and prepares detailed designs that meet established regulations.

  • Municipal Drain Engineer Report Preparation
  • Landowner Disputes (related to the Drainage Act or Common Law) 
  • Culvert and Crossing Reviews and Sizing
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Sizing

Transportation Design

Properly designed roads and highways drastically reduce the erosive power of water by safely draining it away from surfaces. McIntosh Perry’s water resources team works closely with transportation engineering and geotechnical pavement colleagues to design and

rehabilitate transportation drainage infrastructure. Whenever possible, we preserve natural drainage patterns in our designs.

  • Pavement Drainage
  • Flow Spread
  • Retaining Wall Drainage
  • Sub-drains 
  • Ditch Design

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