Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering

Traffic engineering used to focus solely on improving the capacity of roadways for vehicular traffic. Recognizing that this is an unsustainable approach for accommodating an ever-growing population, today’s approach is much more inclusive.

Whether its walking, cycling, transit, or driving, Traffic Engineering now focuses on providing safe and efficient transportation.

We provide complete traffic engineering services including the following:

1. Multi-Modal Transportation Planning
This includes conducting and preparing Transportation Master Plans for municipalities, with accompanying environmental assessments and corridor studies.
2. Active Transportation (AT) Studies
If you’re trying to encourage people to walk, run, and bicycle, we can tell you the most successful ways to update roads to encourage greater adoption of active transportation.
3. Transportation Impact Studies (TIS)
Constructing new multi-unit residential buildings or new public attractions can make nearby roads more congested. Our studies accurately project future impact as population and employment growth continues through the decades. They are an essential step towards making smart adjustments to ensure the needs of local and through traffic are balanced.
4. Traffic Management
Plans and Studies
While roads are under construction, a traffic management plan is needed to separate the work and the workers from traffic hazards, and to protect traffic from construction activities. The goal is to minimize inconvenience to the community and overall congestion while the work is underway. An effective plan will always ensure that routes and signage for detours make sense, and that local traffic can get access and egress from the street.
5. Traffic
Operations Studies
Traffic operational studies look at the details of traffic behaviour on current roadways. They’re a critical step before any new designs can be started. These studies include collecting data and analyzing criteria like vehicle speed, delays, the gaps between vehicles, collision histories, impact of pedestrian and other active transport, the impact of any recent developments, and inventories any intersection signalling and roadway signage. The result is a picture of how the needs of people are being served by the street in question.
6. Transportation Modelling and
Traffic Simulation
We use industry leading software like VISSIM/AIMSUN, Emme, ARCADY, Synchro, and SimTraffic to help us test assumptions and plan for your future as well as your current needs. This eliminates almost all of the trial and error and results in a much better outcome.
7. Traffic Safety Studies and Plans
According to the World Health Organization, over one million people die on roads every year. But when roads are designed better, there are fewer collisions and the impact of those collisions is reduced. Understanding the causes of past collisions holds clues to the best interventions for saving the lives of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists alike. Our plans leverage the best ideas from around the world, including traffic calming, speed reduction, conversion of signalled intersections to roundabouts (where appropriate), and other solutions with a proven track record.
8. Parking Studies
Parking may be a fact of life in urban environments, but studies and planning can make a difference to how much space needs to be allocated for parking when building new facilities. Our studies factor projected demand based on facility size, expected vehicle accumulation, turnover, and the availability of other transportation alternatives. We can propose effective management strategies, like time limits and fees that can help reduce the number of spaces needed, within city bylaw constraints.

Improve Your Infrastructure with Help from McIntosh Perry

Traffic and transportation engineering are complex disciplines that must balance multiple conflicting needs.

When the goal is to make real improvements that will have a lasting long term impact, you need a company with experience and a proven track record. Just as importantly you need a company that will look deeper, find insights, and propose effective alternatives.

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