Roads, Highways and Transit

As Roads And Highways Engineer Consultants, we understand the unique challenges transportation agencies face in meeting the social, economic, and environmental requirements of their communities. Whether it’s a urban, rural, or municipal road and highway project, our decades of experience, combined with our technical expertise, allows us to provide our clients with solutions that help connect communities.

Geometric Design
Our experienced team of engineers specializes in various highway and road design services, including determining the alignment, cross-section, and road grades. Our design aims to provide drivers and active transportation users with a safe, efficient, and comfortable transportation network.
Intersections & Roundabouts
Intersections are the critical nodes in the transport network that connects our communities. Whether these are signalized, unsignalized or roundabouts in both rural and urban settings, we offer complete design services to meet the project’s technical, economic, social and environmental needs. Our team has extensive experience planning, designing and delivering intersection infrastructure within the context of complete streets and accessible design.
We specialize in complex interchange design, requiring extensive cross-discipline collaboration. Our team works closely with stakeholders such as government agencies, utility companies, and local communities to ensure that their unique needs are considered in the design. By utilizing the latest technology and design software, we provide accurate and reliable models to our clients, ensuring a clear understanding of the design’s impact on the environment. Ultimately, our goal is to deliver safe and effective interchange designs that meet our client’s expectations.
Construction Staging & Traffic Management
Every transportation project requires construction staging and traffic management. Our engineering team specializes in construction staging and traffic management, utilizing innovative solutions and best practices to minimize disruptions and ensure the smooth flow of traffic throughout the construction process. We work closely with our clients to develop comprehensive plans prioritizing safety, minimizing delays, and reducing costs.
Roadside Safety & Hazard Assessment
Ensuring the safety of roadway users is paramount, and our team specializes in roadside safety, guide rail, and hazard assessments. Our staff employs the latest industry standards in roadside safety design to provide detailed evaluations, reviews, and assessments of guide rails and other roadside safety features. Our comprehensive reviews ensure that existing systems operate as intended, hazards are shielded from the travelling public, and new design elements incorporate sufficient roadside protection.
Asset Management & Road Needs Studies
Asset management and road needs studies are critical elements for all municipalities that involve evaluating the current conditions of roadways and other transportation infrastructure assets to identify deficiencies, prioritize repairs, and allocate resources effectively. We work closely with our clients to develop comprehensive plans that prioritize safety, minimize maintenance costs, and extend asset service life, ultimately ensuring the transportation network remains in a good state of repair.
Transit systems play a crucial role in numerous municipalities, offering diverse advantages to residents, businesses, and the environment. Our team has been actively involved in this by designing bus transit stations, conducting transportation planning studies and assessing current and future transit networks, working closely with transit operators to adjust their routes during construction projects, serving as technical advisors to government agencies for transit projects that are being constructed, and seamlessly integrating transit provisions into our design projects.
Water Resources
Our water resources professionals balance land use objectives with environmental protection, delivering innovative long-term water management solutions to public and private clients. With recognized expertise in hydrology and hydraulics and a deep understanding of the natural landscape, we offer a wide range of services, from watershed assessments to complex drainage design systems. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that we develop solutions that preserve and enhance the environment while meeting the needs of our clients.

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