A recognized leader in the field, McIntosh Perry provides Contract Administration (CA) services to all levels of government and the private sector. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we have developed deep roots throughout the province of Ontario and in Alberta.

McIntosh Perry CA teams are laser-focused on delivering a project on-time and on-budget. Our Contract Administrators strive to ensure the owner receives the first-rate construction originally envisioned during the design phase.

On-Time, On-Budget, Compliant

McIntosh Perry’s Contract Administration teams are the “eyes and ears” of the owner.  We consistently deliver construction in a timely and efficient manner, verify the contractor adheres to regulations and contract specifications, and ensure fair compensation is provided for completed work.

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Contract Administration Obligations

From project inception through to successful execution, we monitor project performance and provide practical solutions to critical issues encountered in the field.

Collaboration and Communications

Working on behalf of the client, McIntosh Perry Contract Administrators serve as a liaison between the owner and the contractor.

Our team engages at every level of a project. Our CA staff collaborates with all parties involved, from engineering, procurement, and construction management to local municipalities, the public, utility companies, and government agencies, including the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO), Alberta Transportation.

Throughout every project, CA teams lead project meetings. We build working relationships with project stakeholders to ease interactions and promote adherence to contract documents.

Risk Identification and Problem Resolution

Our world-class projects are complex. Unforeseen risks exist, and errors happen during construction. In the field, McIntosh Perry Contract Administrators proactively look for issues and respond quickly to minimize their impact when they occur.

We avoid additional costs and delays by evaluating incidents early and adapting as needed. Our Contract Administration team actively resolves contract issues and negotiates any extra work needed to execute each project successfully.

Inspections and Regulation Compliance

McIntosh Perry Contract Administrators lead, coordinate and monitor all inspections conducted onsite. The CA team also completes material sampling and analyzes test results to validate that only material that adheres to project contract specifications is utilized.

Each member of our CA team is familiar with municipal, provincial and federal standards, as well as health and safety regulations. With this knowledge, onsite Contract Administration staff works in the client’s best interest to preserve the project’s integrity and avoid potential legal risks.

Reporting and Payment Coordination

Contract Administration duties include the documentation of all activities in the field. Reports are generated for the client and analyzed to ensure the project meets objectives and stays within the specified budget.

McIntosh Perry CA teams maintain a detailed daily diary of the contractor’s work, instructions provided, issues encountered, and change management employed. They also regularly review, interpret and analyze the contractor’s critical path schedules.

As an extension of these efforts, the McIntosh Perry CA team reconciles progress payments in a timely manner and maintains compliance with the prompt payment requirements defined by contract documents and statutory regulations.

World-Class Projects

We’ve built our reputation by delivering world-class projects to our clients. Our experience and expertise helps our clients turn possibilities into reality.

In Ontario, McIntosh Perry has been approved under the specialty of Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) Registry, Appraisal and Qualification System (RAQS) Construction Administration – High Complexity since 2001.

Beyond our extensive MTO work, our client base in Ontario includes the City of Ottawa, United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, the Region of York, Town of Caledon, as well as other municipalities in the GTA and across the province. We also administer several private development projects throughout Ontario.

In Alberta, we are prequalified for Highways and Bridges for Alberta Transportation. This prequalification is determined by a committee of senior personnel, and we have worked on projects across the province.

The scope of our projects varies from $300,000 bridge rehabilitation projects to much larger projects, like the $218 million Ottawa Light Rail Transit (OLRT) Stage 1 contract.

A Strong and Effective Contract Administration Team

Over the past 20 years, McIntosh Perry has built an impressive team with extensive experience.

Our CA team has evolved to include more than 200 staff members. The Contract Administration Division consists of Project Managers, Contract Administrators, Junior and Senior Inspectors, and other technical support. For each project, we strategically select staff based on proximity and required proficiency. Our CA complement on a project also includes material technicians (who specialize in asphalt, soils, and concrete) as well as surveyors (GPS equipped and aerial drone).

McIntosh Perry employs a workplace mentorship program. By matching-up experienced senior employees with younger staff members, we encourage continual career progression. Additionally, we help staff to maintain necessary certifications, including those obtained through Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT) (a requirement for large projects) and the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA).

Our vast experience spanning public infrastructure and private development projects sets us apart from the rest.

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