Our experienced process team in Calgary plays one of the most important parts in your project. Our vast design experience gives us the resources to provide you with cost-effective and timely information. Our team is fluent in the systems and tools that we use to conduct studies and create new processes that bring you one step closer to a finished project.

The process group is engaged throughout the project life cycle from initial scoping and Pre-FEED to commissioning and start-up. We ensure the process design meets all client and regulatory requirements through process option evaluations, technology selection, equipment design and procurement.

Our process team also participates in Design Reviews and Process Hazard Analysis, and provides a wide range of process deliverables such as Process Simulations, PFD’s, and P&ID’s, Flare System Analysis and Capacity and De-Bottlenecking Studies. On site, our process team provides Facility Evaluations and Start-up Support in conjunction with our construction management team.

Our Process team handles:

  • Emissions Studies
  • Pollutant Dispersion Modeling
  • Process Simulation (HYSYS, VMGSIM)
  • Gathering System Modeling (PipeSIM)
  • Phase & Hydrate Determination
  • DEOS Calculations
  • Sweetening Facilities (Amine, Scavenger)
  • Acid Gas Re-Injection
  • Flare System Evaluation
  • Oil Characterization and Treating
  • Facility Troubleshooting
  • Refrigeration Processes
  • Liquid Fractionation
  • LPG Recovery & Stabilization
  • Heat Exchange Systems
  • JT (Choke) Plants
  • Dehydration Processes

McIntosh Perry maintains specialized software to perform rigorous design and hydraulic evaluation, with consideration of materials and piping components, fluid properties and operating conditions influencing thermodynamic and equilibrium effects on system performance.

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