Recent and ongoing projects include numerous pipeline projects and single and multi well tie-ins. Facility projects include small to mid sized compression, oil treatment, amine sweetening, dehydration, refrigeration, and water disposal. We have experience working with pressures of up to 42 MPa (~6000 psi) and hydrogen sulphide contents up to 35 percent. The following project descriptions provide a sample of work that ONSTREAM has managed and completed.

Project Location: Central Alberta

Project Cost: $11,000,000.00

Project Scope: Installation of a NGL pipelines, storage facilities and multistage pumping systems to transfer product to market.

Project Location: West Central Alberta

Project Cost: $2,500,000.00

Project Scope: Installation of a sour line heater and a separator.  Addition of a hot diesel down hole circulation pump and a sour gas flare system.  Design and project management of the insulated sour gas gathering system connecting the facilities together.

Project Location: Northern Alberta

Project Cost: $900,000.00

Project Scope: Facilities include a free water knockout (Skud) separator. A water disposal pump and upgrading the control system.

Project Location: Pipelines –British Columbia, Alberta, and Sasketchewan

Project Cost: $24,000,000.00

Project Scope: Design and Project Management of numerous well tie-ins from 500 meters in length to 50 km.  Responsible for all regulatory permits, pipe supply, pipeline contractors, directional drilling, land owners’ conditions and environmental clean up.

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