Federal and Provincial regulations that substantially limit air emissions from Oil and Gas infrastructure are challenging the industry to achieve compliance. In addition to compliance, the evolving and emerging Carbon Markets, Carbon Tax Systems, ESG Reporting and availability of Clean Technology are driving emission reduction projects at unprecedented rates.

McIntosh Perry is well positioned to provide holistic solutions for carbon management. By combining our decades of well-established experience in oil and gas facility engineering with our growing team of air emissions and regulatory specialists, we can provide comprehensive services in regulatory compliance, air emissions reduction solutions, and financial analysis on carbon systems.


  • Air Emissions Regulation Advising and Support Within AB, BC, Saskatchewan and Federally
  • GHG Quantification for Compliance
  • Air Emissions Reporting
  • Asset Assessment for Compliance with Current and Emerging Regulations

  • Economic Analysis for Retrofits or Greenfield Projects
  • Evaluation of Commercially Available and Innovative Technologies
  • Feasibility Assessment for Recommended Retrofits
  • Multi-Disciplinary Integration Engineering for Any Retrofits
  • Greenfield Low Emissions Designs
  • Procurement and Project Management
  • Analytics for Emission Measurement Data

  • Emission Reduction Abatement Cost Assessment
  • Review Opportunities To Reduce Overall Carbon Tax
  • Identify Applicable Grants and Incentive Programs
  • Lead and Submit Incentive Funding Applications
  • Carbon Offset Projects
  • ESG Quantification and Reporting
  • Voluntary Initiatives Reporting

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Emission Reduction Success

Recently McIntosh Perry’s energy division has had significant success to identifying and executing emissions reduction projects, while obtaining funding for our clients through various government incentive programs.

To date we have achieved the following:

  • Approximately 9,671,356 Tonnes of CO2E removed from the atmosphere upon project completion and commissioning.
  • Applications for over 40 million dollars of financial support.
  • Completed 10 funding program applications that cover 15 projects.