A leader in the land survey industry for over 50 years, McIntosh Perry provides cadastral surveying services throughout the province of Ontario. We are a long-standing member of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors (AOLS) and the Canadian Institute of Geomatics (CIG), with a large complement of survey professionals, environmental engineers and technical staff.. Our professional land surveyors carry out many legal boundary services as part of the McIntosh Perry Surveying Inc. (MPSI) group.

These include:

We expedite the approval process and help protect our client’s business investments by producing accurate reports and providing extraordinary support.

By combining extensive survey and engineering expertise with cutting-edge technology, McIntosh Perry provides construction, development, municipal, and real estate stakeholders with the guidance and detailed documentation required to make well-informed land management decisions.

Our work ranges from large-scale subdivision development and engineering projects to small residential site surveys. We partner with developers, architects, contractors, lawyers, realtors, lending institutions, businesses, and homeowners. In addition, we have formed close working relationships with Ontario area municipalities and communities, such as Ottawa, Perth, Mississippi Mills, Carleton Place, and Kingston.

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Surveyor’s Real Property Report

McIntosh Perry’s licensed Ontario Land Surveyors prepare the legal paperwork required to document the position of buildings and structures relative to the boundaries of a property. This process involves researching the title and existing plans, a thorough field study, and analysis of all findings. In the Surveyor’s Real Property Report (SRPR), we also include the physical features and encumbrances on (or adjacent to) the property, and our experienced surveyors detail their impressions and any issues identified. These critical measures protect both buyers and sellers in a real estate transaction by providing an accurate representation of the property.

Plan of Survey with Topography

In preparation for real estate dealings or construction projects, professional surveyors at McIntosh Perry conduct pre-engineering topographic surveys. These surveys thoroughly detail the land features of an existing property. We include illustrations of elevations and contours, as well as physical elements above and below ground, such as landscaping, structures, roadways, waterways, and utilities. This vital information serves as the base plan upon which engineers, architects, developers, and contractors depend for future development of the site.

Reference Plan

Commercial, government and residential clients regularly enlist the help of McIntosh Perry’s Ontario Land Surveyors to compile Reference Plans (also known as R-plans). Should land division or land severance in Ontario be necessary, we provide accurate graphical representations of that property. In addition to showing the surveyed boundaries and dimensions of each parcel of land, other physical elements (i.e. easements, rights-of-way, fences, etc.) that may affect the title of a property are also included.

Plan of Subdivision and Condominium

Our survey team prepares Plans of Subdivision, also referred to as Registered Plans or M-Plans, which depict the division of single parcels of land into multiple lots, blocks and roads. This information is critical for the development of new residential, commercial or industrial neighbourhoods. All plans include accurate dimensions and boundary information, numbered lots, roadway data, and the future sites of public spaces, such as schools or parks. Our municipal relationships allow us to facilitate client approvals as prescribed under the Ontario Planning Act.

McIntosh Perry is also qualified to prepare Plans of Condominium. We understand the complexities involved and can help bring your next condo project from Design to Registration.

Expropriation Plan

In situations where the expropriation of land for public use is proposed, the survey team at McIntosh Perry prepares and certifies legal documents that provide a descriptive illustration of the land in question. We execute these plans with a full understanding and strict enforcement of statute law as it applies to the Ontario Expropriations Act.

Industrial and Residential Construction Layout Survey Services

A project must begin with accurate engineering plans to ensure any construction initiative is completed on time and on budget. McIntosh Perry’s certified land surveyors provide site layout and staking survey services that identify the precise location of all land elements on a construction site. Our knowledge of construction engineering combined with the use of leading-edge technology expedites industrial and residential construction projects.

Innovative Technology

Technology is an integral component of the surveying process. To deliver the most accurate and reliable data, the survey group at McIntosh Perry leverages only the latest equipment and resources.

The MPSI field team collects survey data using a combination of modern Trimble solutions. Specifically, we utilize Trimble Robotic Total Stations, Trimble Real-Time Network (RTN) and Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)—also referred to as Global Positioning Systems or GPS—and Trimble Digital Levelling equipment. Control networks and observations are adjusted using a least-squares adjustment and analysis software, and statistical results are reported at 95% confidence.

These advanced tools and proven methods increase productivity, eliminate costly errors, and ensure your information is always accurate and reliable.

Comprehensive Engineering and Technical Services

McIntosh Perry’s expertise extends beyond survey services. Our department collaborates daily with colleagues corporate-wide, including the public infrastructure group, the transportation engineering team, and our land development professionals. This interdisciplinary collaboration allows us to leverage proficiencies and share resources. As a result, we deliver innovative solutions while saving time and money for our clients.

Within the survey group—and across the company—we recognize that people are our greatest strength. From mentorships to field training and certification programs, we are steadfastly dedicated to providing continued career progression and opportunities for our talented associates.

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