Whether you are trying to extract aggregate from the ground or manage waste in an environmentally sustainable manner, our environmental resource management consultants can assist. McIntosh Perry’s team of environmental engineers, geoscientists, technologists, surveyors and planners have considerable experience in waste disposal site monitoring and management.

We also have a team of specialists involved in aggregate resources. Staff can assist you in obtaining approvals for pits and quarries, amending licenses and evaluating resources.

Our Resource Management Consultant Services Include:

  • Waste management (WM) facility site design and layout, life analysis and environmental monitoring
  • Development & review of monitoring and operational procedures for WM facilities
  • Waste management planning (circular economy analysis)
  • Obtaining or amending WM approvals
  • Studies for aggregate extraction projects
  • Pit and quarry approvals and licensing
  • Air modelling and monitoring; air approvals
  • Water resource assessment (studies for all types of development)

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