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Well-maintained pavement networks are the framework for connecting and growing communities and industries alike. A well-designed and managed pavement network can allow you to maintain quality while minimizing cost. Since the 1980s, McIntosh Perry’s team of industry specialists and environmental engineers has been at the forefront providing expert pavement investigation, design, and costing analysis for both public and private sectors.

McIntosh Perry’s expert pavement engineering consultants possess broad experience with projects of almost any size, traffic volume, or location. From pavement condition assessments for municipal networks to single frost heave remediations, to concrete pavements on freeways, we can provide the technical and cost analysis you need to manage your assets effectively.

Our services include:

Our pavement engineers and team members have been recognized for innovation in modern pavement management to keep roads in good condition and extend their life-cycle. Our Geotechnical engineering team shares in McIntosh Perry’s continuous commitment to providing honest and quality services that will ensure a successful project.

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Road Condition Assessments

Even the highest quality pavements can’t escape deterioration wrought by time, traffic loading and freeze-thaw cycles. Understanding the state of your pavement network can allow you to optimize rehabilitation, maintenance and management of your assets.

McIntosh Perry can provide both cursory and detailed evaluations of pavement condition, including an overall picture of the type, severity and density of certain distresses. This information can be used to estimate the causes of deterioration, damage caused by temporarily increased loading, and the timeline until a rehabilitation/reconstruction is recommended.

McIntosh Perry’s pavement evaluations are flexible and can be tailored to fit your needs and budget. You will be provided with a comprehensive report summarizing our findings, giving you all the information you need to make informed decisions.

Soil and Pavement Investigations

We perform soil and pavement investigations to fit a variety of needs, gathering the information that allows you to build/repair your pavements with confidence.

We will work with you to develop a field investigation program to meet your schedule and budget requirements. Our team of experienced technicians provide a variety of services to you during our investigations, including:

  • Pavement drilling & pedological investigations
  • Asphalt and concrete coring
  • Materials sampling & laboratory testing
  • Rut depth and crossfall measurements
  • Ditching evaluations

The field investigations establish the pavement structure, soil and other subsurface conditions that serve as the basis for informed pavement design. We take care to provide accurate information safely and on schedule. You will be provided with detailed documentation of the investigation results including borehole records, core logs, testing results, site photographs and more, as required.

Soil and aggregate testing takes place at McIntosh Perry’s RAQs and Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories (CCIL) certified laboratory.

Pavement Design Services

Implementing a high quality, reliable pavement requires a design that is carefully crafted for each scenario. We take into account many considerations in order to develop pavement design alternatives, including:

  • Desired service life
  • Initial construction costs
  • Life-cycle costs
  • Traffic volumes (including commercial truck volumes)
  • Existing pavement surface condition
  • Existing subsurface conditions
  • Past construction and maintenance history
  • Environmental impact
  • Constructability

The above considerations, in conjunction with our multitude of resources and software like GreenPave and AASHTOware, and collaboration with you, allow us to design your pavement project so that it works with the conditions, limits, and requirements of your roadway and budget.

Once you are satisfied with the pavement we’ve designed, we’ll work with contractors to bring those designs to life, ensuring McIntosh Perry’s standard for quality is met at each and every stage.

Ongoing Pavement Asset Management

We create long-term, multi-year strategies to ensure the continued quality of your road by analyzing life-cycle costs over the design life of your pavement – and beyond. We take into consideration anticipated maintenance activities and future rehabilitation/construction requirements to compare various pavement design alternatives, which allows us to develop efficient long-term strategies.

With long-term planning, you can more effectively manage your pavement assets and ultimately extend the lifespan and reduce the costs of your pavement networks.

With McIntosh Perry, you’ll receive the support you need to make your pavement project a success.

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