Starting from the Ground Up

At McIntosh Perry, we believe project success starts with a solid foundation.

Since the 1980s, our team of industry specialists and environmental engineering experts has provided dependable solutions for foundations on projects ranging from residential communities to large-scale infrastructure, including bridges, embankments, and road and sewer networks.

We have also completed geotechnical engineering assignments for the foundation design of high-rise buildings, townhouse developments, shopping complexes, and production facilities.

Geotechnical Foundation

All of these projects rely on the strength of the soil on which they stand, making them potentially high-risk projects. From site investigations to design recommendations, our technical expertise can reduce your project risk through full-cycle ground engineering analysis of your unique project needs.

In Ontario, our team is certified by the MTO Registry Appraisal and Qualification System (RAQS) for Medium Complexity foundation engineering.

Geotechnical Soil Investigation and Testing

Knowledge of subsurface stratigraphy is essential for every civil engineering project. Our geotechnical consultant team uses a variety of tools and techniques to sample, test and evaluate subsurface information and to create a soil mechanical model for analysis.

For our field investigation we employ a wide range of drilling methods such as hollow and solid stem drilling, vertical and inclined diamond drilling and rock coring, sonic drilling, and Cone Penetration Testing (CPT). As project requirements demand we use non-intrusive investigations such as Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) or Multichannel Analysis Surface Waves (MASW) to investigate underground geophysical parameters. In most projects a combination of methods is used to enhance the quality of soil modelling.

Our field investigation and in-situ testing is complemented by our materials laboratory services. Our laboratories, located in Ottawa, the GTA and Calgary, are variously certified for CCIL Category C and D soils and aggregates and under MTO’s RAQS system for Medium Complexity soil and rock, including testing for foundation engineering.

Foundation Design

Our foundation design team uses sound industry knowledge to create the best possible plan for your project. We use a variety of software packages to enhance the precision and accuracy of our design. We consider a variety of factors when creating your foundation design.

Our foundation design services cover a wide range of applications; shallow and deep foundation design, site improvement, or stability check to name a few. Our laboratory is equipped with a fully automated oedometer consolidation frame and automated Unconfined Compression frame to test cohesive soils. Using rigorous laboratory testing allows for settlement calculations of shallow footings on soft soils. We also have the capability and expertise to design for site improvement, preloading, and accelerated consolidation of soft soils.

We have the expertise for the design of deep foundations such as piles and caissons.

We have completed several projects in foundation shoring and underpinning.

Geotechnical Foundation Soil

Slope Stability Analysis and Embankment Design

Natural or artificial slopes have a tendency to deform under various loads that are applied on the slope. Typically, these driving forces are gravity loads, seismic loads, surcharge effects and strength reduction due to seepage forces.

Our design and analysis are always preceded by field investigation and laboratory testing. Upon data collection, a soil model is created and incorporated into a geometrical design created in our numerical software. Once the numerical simulation is generated, effective and total stress analysis can be performed for both static and dynamic cases to evaluate the estimated factor of safety against the slope failure (short and long term conditions).

Compaction Testing

Compaction testing using nuclear densitometer gauges is the most effective way to ensure the engineered fill is appropriately placed and adequately compacted. Compaction testing is a reliable means to ensure the engineered subgrade meets the design requirements.

We perform a variety of compaction tests on materials such as:

  • Soil & Aggregates
  • Asphalt
Geotechnical Foundations

Concrete Testing

For concrete materials, we offer both field and laboratory testing.

In the field we perform slump testing. This test is used to make sure the concrete being used is approved by all standards. It measures the consistency of fresh concrete prior to setting. The slump test documents the concrete properties throughout every load, identifying inconsistencies and defects prior to placement to help eliminate problems later on.

Concrete core testing is used to test the final product. We’ll create cores of concrete, leaving them to cure in our climate controlled concrete curing room. Once ready to be tested, we’ll break and measure the failure pressure in Megapascals (MPa). Measurements are calculated factoring in the number of curing days and specific requirements of your project. McIntosh Perry has multiple trucks gathering concrete cores for testing, giving us more immediate access to information you need to move forward, and ensuring that the material used is of the highest quality.

Foundation Inspections

We have trained and certified inspectors that will go over your foundation and have experience with the following construction methods:

  • Subgrade
  • Footings
  • Piles
  • Caissons

With our seal of approval – and thorough inspection report – you’ll have the assurance that your foundation has met with industry and safety standards.

Foundation Failure Forensic Investigation

Foundation failures can occur and McIntosh Perry can provide a forensic investigation to help determine the cause and corrective actions. Failure mechanisms we have expertise investigating include:

  • Cracks
  • Unevenness
  • Swelling
  • Ground collapse
  • Material decay
  • Loss of bearing capacity
  • Leakage

Our inspectors will look at all variables to determine what factors caused the foundation to fail and identify what needs to be done to rectify the problem. Using our data, the best and most cost-effective repair solutions will be recommended to you.

Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring

McIntosh Perry offers a wide range of geotechnical and structural instrumentation and monitoring services. Instrumentation types may include but not limited to the following:

  • Multipoint Borehole extensometers for tunneling applications;
  • Inclinometers for slope stability and excavation monitoring;
  • Vibrating Wire Piezometers for groundwater elevation monitoring;
  • Soil Deformation Points;
  • Installation of Structural Monitoring Points;
  • Survey Targets;
  • Tiltmeters for structural monitoring;
  • Acceleration Arrays for monitoring of sewers, pipes and other linear infrastructure
  • Tie-back Stressing and Monitoring
  • Vibration Monitoring

We have experience and knowledge to provide remote sensing and remote data collection systems and network for all above noted instrumentation applications. We can provide solutions for remote and real-time monitoring at any required monitoring interval.

Regular monitoring services give you confidence that your foundation is continually meeting predetermined quality and safety standards.

Geotechnical Pavements Investigation

Designing with Geosynthetics

We have the in-house experience for designing a wide range of geosynthetics applications. Our designs range from landfill liners and caps, to reinforced earth retaining walls and embankments. We have the experience to design for environmental friendly erosion protection systems.

Build a Solid Foundation for Your Project with McIntosh Perry

McIntosh Perry believes in responsive services. Many facets of geotechnical foundation projects are time-critical and require keen attention to detail. That’s where we come in.

Our team is comprised of geotechnical engineers, technologists and technicians; experts who have worked on hundreds of projects. When you come to us with a new project, an issue, or a more in-depth problem, we can help.

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