McIntosh Perry’s Excess Soil Engineering Management department assists our clients with excess soil issues at their sites. Our expertise ranges from soil sampling and testing programs, construction staging approach and methodology, excess soil management restrictions from multiple levels of government, and much more. 

We have provided professional services to our clients from start to finish at both source and the receiving sites for excess soil, with characterization and management to keep projects on schedule and budget. 

Our Excess Soil Engineering Management Services include: 

  • Soil Management Plans, sampling, and reporting 
  • QP services and certifications 
  • Planning requirements under O.Reg. 406/19 
  • Due diligence sampling and reporting during the ‘regulation pause’ 
  • Preparation of Assessment of Past Uses, Sampling and Analysis Plan, Soil Characterization Report, Excess Soils Destination Assessment Report 
  • Contractor and Project Leader guidance 
  • Identification of suitable temporary storage sites, beneficial reuses, and receiving sites for impacted material 

We have worked with numerous public and private sector clients to address their ‘excess soil’ needs over the past two years.  This has included both source and receiving site issues, as well as development of the four keys reports required under the Regulation. 

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