Parliament Hill Restoration

Offering Unparalleled Experience in a Niche Market

Temporary Structural Engineering is a field that has specific requirements and needs design drawings and schedules that meet those requirements to the letter. This is a niche service you can’t find from most Structural Engineers – but you’ll find it at McIntosh Perry.

Whether you just won a bid for a new condo building, or you are restoring a historical building, McIntosh Perry’s Temporary Structures Design team can accommodate your every need. Our team has designed scaffolding and platforms for a wide range of new builds and restoration projects, including Parliament Hill’s restoration and the Burlington Skyway Bridge project. We are shoring engineer experts in construction requiring shoring and design systems, and our building science team works closely with contractors to meet your project requirements.

Suspended Platforms and Swing Stages

Suspended platforms are used when there’s no ability to anchor a platform from the ground or a preexisting building. On challenging projects like bridges, you need suspended platforms on the underside of the structure so you can work safely and effectively, as well as deliver materials out where you need them.

McIntosh Perry has years of experience creating suspended platform designs that will address specific project requirements.

Swing stages connect to the roof of a building and hang off the side. These are ideal for window glass and repair work.

When designing a swing stage, we take into account a variety of factors, such as:

  • Access points
  • Anchor spots
  • Materials and equipment that will be carried
  • Load weight

Our design time ranges from 1-2 weeks, based on your project’s requirements and complexity.

South Fletcher Sportsplex Masonary Scaffolding

Scaffolding Design & Review

Any building project at one point or another will require scaffolding. The design of the scaffolding is dependent on the project requirements. For example, historical building restorations require self-sustained scaffolding that doesn’t tie into the structure.

McIntosh Perry has worked on hundreds of projects in the private and public sectors, and we pride ourselves on smart, efficient designs that see you through from start to finish.

We look at the design and material of your building, what materials the scaffolding would be resting on, and even the building’s geometry to create scaffolding that adheres to both the OHSA Green Handbook and the CSA Group standards.

Shoring & Reshoring

Many construction sites require concrete pouring. Using your structural drawings, we can develop a design for all formwork needed on your site.

Our shoring engineers are also certified to perform pre-pour inspections and create an as-built design.

Crane Foundations

Projects of any significant size will require a crane. And a crane requires a crane foundation. The challenge is choosing a crane location that will allow it to be used throughout the project with little to no interference with the rest of the building structure.

Our Temporary Structure engineers create designs for crane foundations by incorporating existing tower drawings, ensuring that the most efficient placement.

Sugar Wharf Condos Crane Foundations

Hoist Services

While a building is constructed, a hoist is required. This exterior lift moves workers from one section to another with ease – but without interfering with the actual building.

Our engineers work with the contractor to determine the load capacity needed, where the hoist’s anchor points will be, and what location will work best for most people working on the building.

Precast Inspections

Structural Steel & Welding Inspections

Our designated Temporary Structure team members have their Steel Fabrication & Welding certificate. We can assist you in performing structural steel and welding inspections where we look at:

  • The condition of the steel members
  • Bolt connections
  • Weld connections

Our inspectors rise to the challenge of material inspection and give you full assurance that your steel and weld-work are A+.

Precast Inspections

Precast refers to concrete panels embedded with rebar. These panels are formed and tilted up during the construction process.

Our team reviews precasts to determine they match the structural plans. These inspections include slab, wall-formed, and external siding.

A Team Dedicated to Your Success

Not every firm has a dedicated Temporary Structures team. But since the 1980s, McIntosh Perry has developed our knowledge and skills to offer the absolute best in temporary structures.

Our team delivers work efficiently and cost-effectively, making us a natural choice for your next project.

Ask for a free quote today – call toll free 1-888-348-8991.

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