From small air handling units to complex systems that service an entire building, our Mechanical Engineering Services team has the experience and expertise you need to help you with your mechanical engineering needs. Whether it’s for an existing building/facility or a new one, our team can evaluate designs and offer innovative solutions to create more energy efficient, comfortable and healthier interiors.

With technology always changing and energy codes keeping pace, staying on top on the latest developments can be a challenge. Our team is well-versed in building and energy codes and can review or design a solution that meets your needs. From fire alarms to power distribution plans for large facilities, McIntosh Perry’s building science team has the expertise you can count on.

Our Services Include:

  • HVAC (makeup air, boilers, chillers etc.)
  • Maintenance plans or replacement design and tendering
  • Building Automation System (BAS)
  • Fire Alarms
  • Lighting
  • Fire Protection and Life Safety
  • Plumbing, Drainage and Backflow Prevention

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