A new construction project is a significant undertaking. Owners and developers need to maintain quality while providing a return on their investment. A contractor’s reputation can rise and fall based on a project, and minor issues can quickly develop into major headaches. Attention down the smallest detail is crucial for a project’s success.

Our building quality assurance services cover all phases of the project, including pre-construction condition assessments, design reviews, materials testing, roofing reviews, window testing, railing and guard testing, and post-construction surveys. Our competitive advantage is reinforced by our fully equipped material testing laboratory that allows us to produce quick turnaround results.

We’ve provided inspection and testing services on thousands of buildings across Canada, and in Ontario we are known as the preeminent providers of Tarion Builder Bulletin 19 Field Review Consultant services for condominiums.

Our Services Include:

  • Design Reviews
  • Building Envelope Consulting
  • Shop Drawing Review of Window Wall Systems, Curtain Wall, Fire Stopping, Waterproofing, Air/Vapour Barrier Elements
  • Tarion Bulletin 19 Field Review Consultant services
  • Window Wall Third Party Endorsement Consultation and Testing
  • Pre- and Post – Construction Surveys
  • Site Load Testing of Railings and Windows
  • Site Window Testing for Air and Water Penetration
  • Mortar, Grout, and Masonry Units Testing
  • Membrane Bond Testing

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