Service: Energy

Jayar Sour Gas Plant

We provided complete Engineering, Drafting, Procurement and Commissioning Services for Jayar Sour Gas Plant from design through to completion.

The Heartland Pipeline

The Heartland Pipeline consisted of a pipeline system approximately 47km long, (including laterals) between the client’s hydrogen plant in Strathcona County and a termination point north of the North Saskatchewan River.

Multi-Well Site Expansion/Modifications

We have completed hundreds of well sites over the years, offering complete wellsite services, incl. detailed coordination and engineering, procurement and regulatory work.

Multi-Well Gas Battery Expansion

We completed all four phases of expansion and modification to this brownfield site, upgrading the existing multi-well gas battery to a gas plant.

Mulligan Oil Battery

We were commissioned to complete the engineering and design work for a new sour multi-well oil battery in Alberta.

Spirit River Sour Gas Plant

We ​completed a major expansion, located in the Spirit River area/Charlie Lake formation in North Western Alberta.