Regulatory Expertise is an essential component to all phases of a successful project. McIntosh Perry’s energy and resources group recognizes that the ever-changing Canadian regulatory framework requires dedicated resources to comprehensively navigate municipal, provincial and federal legislation within the Oil and Gas Industry. We provide agile regulatory solutions to meet our client’s compliance goals, whether the goal is to its meet current legislation, plan for upcoming changes or be leaders in sustainable initiatives, we craft the solution that fits our client’s needs.

Our professionals have experience working within Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and with federal regulations. We are experienced with the following:

  • Pipelines and Facilities Applications and Amendments
  • Audit Packages
  • Non-Routine Applications (Including Self-Disclosures and Exemption Requests)
  • Notification Letters for Affected Stakeholders
  • Design Registration with ABSA (Alberta Boilers Safety Association), TSBC (Technical Safety BC), and TSASK (Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan)
  • Gas Plant Applications (Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act Registrations, Approvals or Amendments) or The BC OGC (Oil and Gas Commission) Process
  • Waste Discharge Permits
  • Directive 58 Waste Management Facility Application
  • Municipal Permits Including Development Permits and Building Permits
  • Notifications for Construction Start, Pressure Testing and Commissioning
  • NAV Canada and Transport Canada Clearances for Obstructive Objects (I.E Flare Stacks)
  • Canadian Energy Regulator (CER) Applications
  • Dehydrator Engineering and Operations Sheet (DEOS)
  • Applications for Approvals, Registrations and Amendments Under Alberta Environmental and Parks for Industrial Facilities
  • Fugitive Emissions Studies
  • National Pollutant Inventory Reporting (NPRI)
  • Flaring Reports
  • Air Emissions Screening and Air Modelling

In addition to on-going routine regulatory compliance, we also provide strategic advising to assist our clients in navigating several emerging topics within the Oil and Gas Industry. These currently include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Technology Innovation and Emission Reduction Regulation (TIER)
  • Provincial or Federal Incentive Programs for Reducing Emissions and Energy Efficiency
  • Innovative and Sustainable Technology Options for Facility Design
  • Fugitive Emissions and Leak Detection and Repair Support
  • Methane Emission Reduction Options and Reporting Support (AER’s Directive 60, Manual 15, Methane Reduction and Retrofit Compliance Plans)
  • Carbon Offset Programs
  • Multi-Sector Air Pollutant Regulations
  • Sustainability Initiatives

At McIntosh Perry we incorporate our regulatory compliance expertise into all phases of our projects, from concept and pre-feed through to execution, and close-out. We understand that a detailed regulatory compliance plan and strong compliance expertise can be the differentiator in helping our clients successfully execute their projects.

Adrienne Headrick
Manager, Regulatory & Environmental Development, Energy

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