McIntosh Perry was retained to conduct a Phase I ESA on an industrial warehouse building in support of a financing agreement. The results of the Phase I ESA identified numerous APECs at the site, including aboveground tanks, a 50,000 L underground tank, historic spills, waste generation, and rail spurs located adjacent to the site. To address the aforementioned APECs, McIntosh Perry completed a Phase II ESA at the site in November 2017, which identified PHC F2 contamination in groundwater in BH3(MW), in the vicinity of the aboveground tanks. During the drilling of BH3(MW), McIntosh Perry noted uniform brown sand fill, which could suggest that the underground tank was previously removed from this area. In October 2018, McIntosh Perry completed an additional investigation at the site, which included the drilling and installation of two additional boreholes/monitoring wells at the site. The results of the additional investigation indicated no soil or groundwater exceedances at the site.

Date of Project: 2017

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