McIntosh Perry prepared a servicing Master Plan to assess future Municipal drinking water supply and wastewater infrastructure stipulations necessary to support a potentials municipal expansion in three potential development directions.  The Master Plan followed the planning process set out in Phase 1 and 2 of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA).  McIntosh Perry received public and governing agencies feedback to integrate into the plan.  Our team refined alternate solutions based on the feedback received from the public and governing agencies, and along with key stakeholders the analysis completed within this Servicing Master Plan and the current conditions of the Town’s current infrastructure, a favourable alternative result was recommended.  This result was the most feasible choice due to the vicinity of the Town’s commercial and recreational facilities, the road network within and around the development area, the Pollution Control Plant, Water Treatment Plant, then that of the other two development directions.  This Master Plan also provided an outline for future expansion and upgrading of existing infrastructure.

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