Thorold, ON
City of Thorold

The City of Thorold has retained McIntosh Perry to undertake a Schedule ‘B’ Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA) for the the South Main Street Bridge and Pedestrian Linkage (SMSBPL). The SMSBPL is an important connection between Port Robinson area and the residential development south of the Bridge. The City recognizes the importance of all modes of transportation to its citizens and business and their ability to move around the City. The closed South Main Street Bridge is currently a safety hazard to pedestrians and cyclists. A key purpose of this Schedule B EA Study is to identify a safe and reliable connection between the two communities.

The Study includes developing a list of reasonable alternatives for the SMSBPL for addressing the problem statement, while keeping the interests of Council at the forefront. Each alternative is to be evaluated using sound engineering and environmental (natural, social, economic and cultural) criteria for choosing the preferred alternative. To evaluate alternatives, McIntosh Perry is undertaking background review and field investigations of each engineering, environmental and cultural heritage consulting disciplines. A physical description of the study area and general inventory of the natural, social, economic and cultural/heritage environments will be considered when evaluating the alternatives. In selecting the preferred alternative, McIntosh Perry will also consider the long-term planning objectives of the City land use regarding the rural form and transportation context will the historic Port Robinson East area, and the long-term transportation vision of the Niagara Region for pedestrian and cycling facilities.

In accordance with the Schedule B MCEA, McIntosh Perry’s scope includes preparation of all consultation materials for presenting the alternatives and recommended solution to the public in the form of a Public Information Centre (PIC). The project also includes preparation of a Preliminary Design Report (PDR) to bring the project to 30%. The PDR will document all necessary components of the preferred alternative to carry forward into detail design. This will include (where applicable): road grade, cross slopes, platform width, driveway slopes, pavement and subgrade design; storm water design issues including outlets, pipe materials, size, grades, elevations, design sheets and foundation considerations; construction cost estimates; and construction schedule considerations.

Status: 2019 – Ongoing

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