In November 2018, McIntosh Perry was retained to conduct Phase l & II ESAs, in accordance with O. Reg. 153/04, for the purpose of filing a RSC. The site was occupied by a commercial parking lot but was proposed to be redeveloped with 6-9 storey student residence buildings with associated parking lots and roadways. A total of ten boreholes were advanced at the site as part of the Phase Two ESA. Selected soil and groundwater samples were submitted for chemical analysis of PHCs, BTEX, VOCs, PAHs, PCBs, and metals and inorganic parameters. The results of the chemical analysis indicated elevated concentrations of EC and SAR in soil across the site. McIntosh Perry recommended completing an additional investigation at the site to delineate the extent of EC and SAR impact in soil at the north portion of the site, followed by remedial excavation.

Date of Project: November 2018 to Present

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