The City of Kingston retained McIntosh Perry to undertake a Parking Study to review the parking requirements at five (5) municipally-owned recreational facilities across Kingston, Ontario. This Parking Study considered existing parking standards across multiple jurisdictions and the parking demand rates in ITE Parking Generation Manual for land uses similar to the five (5) recreational facilities in the City of Kingston. The City’s existing parking standards based on GFA are within the range of parking standards set by other municipalities, although found to be on the lower end for some land uses, especially for parking rates per unit seats. The results from parking utilization surveys conducted at the six (6) sites across Ottawa, Peterborough, Kingston and Bowmanville, during trade shows and specific day retail sales events, yielded an average peak parking demand rate of 1 space per 26 m2. This rate is minimally lower than the City’s existing parking supply rate for Community Centre and slightly higher than the City’s existing parking supply rate for Sports Arena.

McIntosh Perry performed surveys at similar venues (primarily other arenas) that were hosting trade shows or related events. Based on the surveys we completed a statistical analysis and determined the appropriate parking rates for the studies uses. The team also completed a survey at City of Kingston venues during a hockey tournament that also included some “same day retail,” to confirm our findings. Our report was then used to adjust the City’s parking by-laws.

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