McIntosh Perry completed all four phases of expansion and modification to this brownfield site, upgrading the existing Kaybob multi-well gas battery to a gas plant.

FEED, DBM, Detailed Engineering & Design, Procurement and Construction Management, Project commissioning, start-up and closeout for the brownfield expansion of an existing gas battery into a gas plant. McIntosh Perry completed the coordination and regulatory work for the design of the wellsite facilities.  Quality assurance on the mechanical, civil and structural and electrical and instrumentation design as required in accordance with all applicable regulations and codes.  Issuance of all P.Eng stamped drawings as well as performance of the design review and HAZOP with the client.

Part 1 – battery expansion included the installation of a 1480 HP 3 stage reciprocating sales compressor , a 36” x 30’ Dehydrator package, 8’ x30’ ,2.5mmbtu/hr treater pkg, a 220 HP VRU screw compressor, 4 additional 750 BBL tanks, flare system upgrades to 6” LP and 10 HP dual flares with 200 BBL KO tanks, as well as site transfer pumps and heat exchangers. Various metering and instrumentation upgrades on site to allow for LACT unit into Pembina system.

Part 2 – battery expansion included installation of an additional 96” ID z 30’ S/S 300 ANSI inlet separator to replace the existing inlet and handle slugging volumes .  A flow split arrangement upstream of the new separator sales gas meter was also added to allow excess flow to another site. the addition of a ~2,370HP, 3 stage, 4 throw reciprocating compressor downstream of the inlet separator in order to increase the battery’s sales gas capacity,  the existing treater was replaced with a condensate stabilizer and associated heat medium package The existing line heater was relocated and converted into a heat medium skid.  Upgrades were completed to the LP overheads/VRU compressor to a ~530HP, 2 stage reciprocating unit  and three (3) 2,000BBL storage tanks were also added in order to handle additional liquid capacity to site In addition to these process changes, the existing office building was relocated to free up additional rack room and to accommodate requests from operations.

Part 3 – expansion included the addition of a 1,200HP refrigeration package along with an associated 5 MMBTU/hr capable heat medium package, installation of a 623 HP recip overheads compressor,  and installation of bullets and VRU upgrades for NGL storage. The existing dehydrator was decommissioned for this part.

Part 4 – expansion included the installation of a ~200HP high pressure water disposal package, along with a line heater package (~1.0 MMBTU/hr) and other appurtenances, equipment install  to allow sales of NGL (C3+) product into Pembina’s planned HVP gathering/sales system.  This equipment included a ~75HP NGL booster pump package, including final metering and the needed sales pump along with the associated MCC.

Part 4 – was shortly followed up with water treatment facility install to aid in the water disposal process.

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