To maximize the potential production of existing infrastructure, McIntosh Perry was commissioned by our client to complete the engineering and design work for a new sour multi-well Battery in the Mulligan Area.

The project goal was to develop numerous well locations in the Mulligan area that would feed into several satellite locations and finally to a central battery. New multi-well satellite facilities are being constructed to support aggressive land acquisition and drilling programs.

McIntosh Perry designed the new central battery to handle separation, treating, storing and metering of all pipelined production in the Mulligan area.

Gas production from the 12-06 battery is compressed and dehydrated and then sent to the 03-10 (spirit river) gas processing plant and/or tied into existing sales lines in the area. Disposal water from the battery is pipelined to an existing disposal well site and other well sites in the area. This Greenfield facility was designed for up to 2% h2S inlet composition.

Objectives for the design and construction of the battery handling a total of 1,590 m3/d (10,000 BBL/d) of oil, 1,133 e3m3/d (40 MMSCFD) of gas and 13,242 (83,290 BBL/d) of water were met and the Pipe Rack, Headers and Infrastructure were designed to full capacity.

The construction of the facility occurred in 2 phases.  Phase 1 was capable of producing within 795-1,193 m3/d (5,000-7,500 BBL/d) of oil, 557 e3m3/d (20 MMSCFD) of gas and up to 4,500 m3/d (28,300 BBL/d) of water.

The target start-up date was met for both gas and liquid processing at the battery.  The installation consisted of a wide variety of process and accounting meters throughout the facility in gas and liquid service.

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