Leamington, Ontario
Municipality of Leamington

McIntosh Perry was retained by the Municipality of Leamington to undertake a traffic study of the area generally bounded by Oak Street to the north, Seacliff Drive to the south, Sherk Street to the east, and Erie Street to the west. The purpose of this assignment is to identify transportation-related issues/opportunities throughout the study area and recommend a set of practical solutions that adhere to local and provincial guiding principles. A general traffic assessment of the study area will be completed for year 2020, and a 10-year horizon forecast will also be undertaken, as part of the study.

A list of area specific concerns provided by the Municipality includes:

  • Identification of operational issues at key intersections and corridors within the study area.
  • Address traffic concerns for all modes of travel, including pedestrian, cyclist, and transit.
  • Address concerns relating to road user safety and crossings with special consideration for
    seniors, users with disabilities, and school children.
  • Development of alternatives to improve active transportation network connectivity.

Status: March 2020 – Ongoing

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