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The City of Vaughan retained McIntosh Perry to develop a parking management strategy that will help address parking needs in the Kleinburg Village core. Kleinburg is one of Vaughan’s premier commercial neighbourhoods with a charming residential community at its core and a rich and varied history. It is also a destination for thousands of visitors. Limited public parking is recognized as a significant challenge. The Kleinburg Parking Strategy review will explore opportunities to accommodate immediate and long-term needs for parking in the area through a comprehensive, forward-looking strategy. The strategy will assess the current parking conditions, recommend implementable parking management solutions and identify sustainable sources of funding or financing alternatives. The study will be a key tool to identify and assess alternatives for existing and future parking needs, as well as transportation modes of travel to and within the study area including private vehicles, walking, cycling and transit.

A key component of the study will be to convey the study information meaningfully to the audience, including the public, stakeholders, Councillors and City staff, as well as, to collect and incorporate input from them throughout the study. Therefore, the approach to the study includes developing an effective public engagement strategy based on proactive consultation and engagement with stakeholder groups and the public, supported by the technical analysis needed to both understand current conditions and behaviours.

Location: Kleinburg, ON
Client: City of Vaughan

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