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As part of the overall widening of Highway 58 from Rainbow Lake to High Level, McIntosh Perry completed the design and project management of the last remaining section of Highway 58 to be widened from km 24.000 to km 71.005. This project was tendered by Alberta Transportation as two separate contracts, from km 24.000 to km 39.7000 (Project A) and from km 39.700 to km 71.005 (Project B). The construction of these projects included the construction of 12 bridge culverts and highway widening construction through areas of standing water and muskeg.

As Prime Consultant, McIntosh Perry was responsible for managing the various challenges along Highway 58, including multiple utility crossings, replacement of centerline culverts, clearing and timber salvage within the forest management area and evaluation of the benefits of asymmetrical or symmetrical grade widening strategies.

As a rehabilitation and grade widening project, McIntosh Perry was also responsible for evaluating and revising curves in certain sections, as well as evaluating the need for any sideslope improvement throughout the length of the project.

Complete roads and highway engineering services by McIntosh Perry included Preliminary Engineering, including all pipeline crossing agreements and surveying, Detailed Design, Tender Preparation, Construction Services, and Contract Administration. All Survey and Quality Assurance testing requirements for the construction of all projects along Highway 58 was completed by McIntosh Perry as part of the project commitments.

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