Sturgeon Lake IR 154, Alberta
Alberta Transportation

The project, a partnership between the Sturgeon Lake Creek Nation and Alberta Transportation, completes the more than 1,000 kilometres of four-laned highway from Grande Prairie to the Alberta-Montana border at Coutts, part of the CANAMEX Trade Corridor. This segment includes over 16 km of twinned highway and 35 km of service roads with bridge and culvert structures. The project required a federal land transfer of the Creek Nation Reserve lands to the Province of Alberta, one of the largest land transfer of its kind in the history of Canada. McIntosh Perry obtained all of the necessary approvals from the Federal Government.

McIntosh Perry completed all highway design and construction supervision/administration services for the project, which included twinning the highway, making improvements to 12 intersections, the addition of extra lanes to allow travellers to merge or exit Highway 43 safely, building two pedestrian underpasses, and bridge and culvert work over Goose Creek, Pelican Creek and Woodpecker Creek.

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