In February 2018, McIntosh Perry was retained to conduct a Phase I ESA. We had previously conducted Phase I & II ESAs at the site, and another consultant had conducted an environmental investigation as part of purchaser’s pre-purchase due diligence in 2017. The other consultant had identified PHC F2 contamination in soil as part of this previous investigation. The results of McIntosh Perry’s February 2018 Environmental investigation identified PHC F2-F3 contamination in soil and groundwater across the site, which was attributed to historical on-site underground tanks used for a commercial automotive/truck fueling station. An additional investigation was recommended to delineate the horizontal and vertical extent of PHC F2-F3 impact in soil and groundwater. In May 2018, McIntosh Perry completed an additional environmental investigation at the site, which identified additional PHC F2-F3 exceedances in soil and groundwater. McIntosh Perry recommended completing further delineation and/or remediation at the site to address PHC F2-F3 impact in soil and groundwater.

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