Ducks Unlimited Canada

McIntosh Perry completed the Ducks Unlimited Canada Project Infrastructure Inspections for 250 Sites in Ontario which provided crucial habitats and benefits to local wildlife.

The objective was to classify each dam’s condition and potential hazards, and large-scale analysis required the coordination of multiple departments to conduct field and desktop investigations. Our team confirmed that the existing infrastructure is safe through engineering analysis and effective project management techniques. 

Our team made the best use of the digital online software SharePoint, which enabled efficient document sharing with DUC, allowed multiple staff to use the same documents simultaneously, and permitted quality control on the document in real-time.  Also, a master spreadsheet was used to organize the compiled information used in the HPC analysis. The task was divided among multiple team members to increase efficiency and provide an additional level of internal review, quality control, and quality assurance. The wetlands with higher hazard potentials were identified and provided to DUC to help prioritize future rehabilitation projects. 

McIntosh Perry Won the Ontario Engineering Project Award (OEPA Award) of Distinction for the project.

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