Markham, ON
City of Markham

McIntosh Perry has been retained by the City of Markham to develop the detailed design of a 4 km long multi-use pathway (MUP) along John Street and Esna Park Drive, from Bayview Avenue to Roddick Road/Allen Road, within the City of Markham. The MUP is to be built on the north side of the corridor which features a 4-lane cross section, 8 signalized intersections, 3 bridge crossings and several commercial entrances along its length in the study area. The construction of MUP is expected to impact the adjacent westbound lanes on John Street/Esna Drive and as such, the project scope also includes the development of traffic management plans and pedestrian accessibility reviews for construction. The John Street MUP project is intended to provide a facility for safe movement of cyclists along the busy corridor as well as safe and convenient access for all users to adjacent areas.

The City of Markham’s sidewalk construction program supports the planning strategies for the regional and local collector roads by providing guidance for a “pedestrians-first” safe and accessible connected network for access to the local neighborhoods, and many local facilities and businesses. These policies highlight the importance of considering the safety of users in the detailed design of the John Street MUP.

The design of MUP and intersections crossings also follows the AODA standards in relation to the proper slope, accessibility, visibility, safety and more. Specific challenges being addressed through this project include, maintaining adequate separation from the roadway to improve cyclist perception of safety near busy roadways, providing lane balance and continuity through intersections to assist with cyclist safety and comfort, and accommodating the proposed MUP within the existing widths of the three overpass structures along the corridor.

During construction of the project, pedestrian staging will be especially important as there are many pedestrians using the sidewalks to connect with the major arterials along the roads and local pathways. As such, the scope of the project includes, maintaining accessibility during construction to local schools, transit stops, churches, parks, and shopping malls along the proposed alignment. Throughout the project, coordination with agencies is important, such as with CN Rail, York Region Transit and the City of Markham, to maintain goods movement, emergency services, and public transit services and provide a construction strategy that safely maintains access for all road users, including any residents with specific needs and challenges.

Status: Completed 2020

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