Alberta Transportation

An existing bridge over Iron Creek, located approximately 8 km north of Lougheed, AB, had reached its service life. Alberta Transportation (AT) retained McIntosh Perry to plan and design a 2-span precast concrete bridge to replace the existing 3 span bridge structure. The project included a temporary bridge detour, demolition and removal of the existing bridge, construction of steel backwall abutments and pier, and the installation of girders. Also, roadway work was required, which comprised of paving the bridge, installing bridge rail and guardrail, and installing riprap protection.

As the Prime Consultant, McIntosh Perry worked closely with the Owner representatives throughout the design, construction, and post construction. During the construction phase, McIntosh Perry administered and completed site inspections. Provided weekly reports to the Owner, which included inspection updates of the materials used to complete the work. Due to sensitive environmental constraints, the creek was monitored to ensure no contamination.

As part of this contract, McIntosh Perry worked diligently with the owner of the land, on both sides of the bridge, to accommodate his requirements of providing access to his livestock. There is a pathway below the bridge to allow for cattle to cross.

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