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This development consists of a 1-3 storey building containing Synagogue, Banquet Hall, Academy, Museum and Rotunda. Majority of the building is approximately 64 years old with construction being completed around 1955.

The purpose of the Building Condition Assessment and Reserve Fund Study was to assess the present condition of the complex and identify the extent of any repair, replacement or improvement work was required together with an approximate cost. The various components forming the common elements of this development were visually assessed by personnel with McIntosh Perry in April 2019. Visual examinations of the following components were carried out: Roofing Systems, Exterior Cladding, Windows and Caulking Materials, Foundations and Basements, Exterior Pavements, Mechanical and Electrical Systems, Structural Frame, and Interior Finishes. A Reserve Fund Study is based on both the physical analysis of the common elements and a financial analysis of the available funds. Therefore, additionally to the visual examination, a comprehensive review of financial and reserve expenditures and financial analysis were conducted.

A Building Condition Assessment and Reserve Fund Study report was issued including present condition of the existing property elements of the development, with respect to capital repairs, replacements, upgrades, and renovations, and 30-year, 45-year, and 60-year cash flow schedules of reserve funding of the predicted capital and maintenance cost expenditures.

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Client: Beth Tzedec Congregation

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