Calgary, Alberta
City of Calgary Asphalt and Concrete Compliance Program

Since 2010, McIntosh Perry has been the Prime Consultant providing Quality Assurance Testing for The City of Calgary’s Asphalt and Concrete Compliance Program. For asphalt projects during the period of 2010 to 2013 a variety of test procedures were carried out based on Asphalt Marshall briquettes which includes flow and strength tests, gyratory specimens, maximum relative density, quantitative determination of AC content by ignition, sieve analysis, asphalt content testing by nuclear gauge and density testing by nuclear gauge. All results of these quality assessment tests were submitted to The City on a weekly basis.

Concrete testing completed by McIntosh Perry includes a variety of both on-site and laboratory testing including air content, slump tests, standard testing methods for temperature of freshly mixed hydraulic cement concrete, forming and collecting cylindrical samples as well as the comprehensive strength of these cylindrical concrete specimens.

Like asphalt, all in-situ test results are submitted on a weekly basis, including reports for seven (7) day and/or twenty-eight (28) day comprehensive strength testing.

McIntosh Perry provides trained personnel and testing equipment necessary to perform all the tests identified above as well as completing the corresponding reports for submission to The City as required.

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